VoIP-Landline phone from RTX

VoIP-Landline phone from RTX


RTX has just created a device which conveniently merges traditional fixed-line phone service with that of the emerging Internet telephony.

The RTX LAN Cordless DUALPhone is a session initiation protocol (SIP) unit that enables it to double as a regular landline device and an Internet phone. Its ability to connect to the Internet is taken one step further by incorporating a 64K LCD which allows you to check e-mails or browse through the news.

You can be assured that there will be no interruptions when you burn the lines on that free VoIP long distance call of yours, as the RTX unit features an 8-hour talk time and a standby time of 240 hours.

Taking a call from almost anywhere in the house is possible as it has a range of around 300 meters. It can also handle up to 3 VoIP lines and 8 handsets.

The RTX LAN Cordless DUALPhone is expected to benefit not only users but also the fixed-line telephone firms. Regular landline operators are fast losing customers to the Internet, as VoIP allows users to call for free or at very inexpensive rates. RTX believes that both telephone services could co-exist and that telephone operators could derive income from both businesses.

The device would be released on the market after the CeBIT exhibition in Hanover, Germany.