Run like hell, ads on your iPod

Run like hell, ads on your iPod


Think your iPod is safe from ads? Think again.

A company based in Charleston, S.C., has launched an audio commercial campaign for mobile media. The primary targets are portable music players and mobile phones.

The company, SurfNoise, has created PocketSpots, a venture that offers stand-alone ads that can be heard on any portable media device. Initial price range is from US$100 to US$900, with charities having no payment requirements for their ads.

These standalone ads seem to be of a different sort then those that made news several weeks ago. Those were dependent on a user’s location and were designed to flood the user with information based on a GPS location. The PocketSpots, on the other hand, are one-of-a-kind, static advertisements that are more traditional, promoting products and services and events. Not as hellish, but still bad enough.