Orb wireless router – like screwing in a light bulb

Orb wireless router – like screwing in a light bulb


Wireless networking in your home just got a whole lot easier thanks to the Orb wireless router. It uses the existing electrical wiring in your house to transmit signals, so you don’t need any new wires and you can ensure strong signals no matter how far away from the source signal you are.

It consists of two parts. The Network Home Plug takes the network signal and transfers it into your electrical system via an electrical outlet. You just plug it in and then plug in the cable from your internet connection. The second part is a wireless router with a standard lightbulb connector. You just plug it into any light socket and it will receive the signal from the electrical lines and broadcast it. It obviously draws power from the electrical lines as well, so it is completely self contained.

The Orb sounds like it will make it very simple to set up a wireless network across your house or office. No pricing or availability is yet available.