First full-length movie shows up on iTunes

First full-length movie shows up on iTunes


If you’re waiting patiently for iTunes to start selling full length movies, you might want to start saving your $10 bills. The first full length movie showed up on iTunes this morning. It was initially up for $1.99, but quickly changed to $9.99, potentially giving us a preview of what movies will cost when they are widely available on iTunes.

If you’re interested, the first movie available was Disney’s High School Musical, which was originally a Disney Channel movie. That opens the question of why anyone would want to pay anything to see that. It is 1 hour and 39 minutes long and the file was 487MB.

If $9.99 is indeed what movies will cost on iTunes, it goes against some of the rumors about the movie service which suggested that it would be a subscription service. As always with Apple, though, they’ll tell us what’s going on when they want us to know.