Archos AV 700 TV combines portable TV and a DVR

Archos AV 700 TV combines portable TV and a DVR


Archos has released the AV 700 TV and I think I’m in love. It is the world’s first portable digital TV receiver and recorder. In other words, not only can you receive digital TV, you have a DVR, too. It features a patent-pending mobile reception system, with two tuners working in parallel, that provides better reception inside or out, or even in cars up to 130 km/h. The TV will look pretty good on a 7” wide screen display.

The AV 700 TV records in MPEG-2 and you can even schedule recordings. You can record onto the 40GB or optional 100GB hard drive. You can also watch previously recorded video, listen to music in a full range of formats and even play games thanks to the Mophun gaming engine. When you are at home you can attach the AV 700 TV to your TV to receive free satellite TV, or you can use it as a DVR to record TV directly to your device.

The AV 700 TV will be available in Europe starting in May for a cost of about $830.