Tiny USB IrDA adapter is convenient for travel

Tiny USB IrDA adapter is convenient for travel


If you are addicted to infrared data transfer between all your devices and want a simple way to get your laptop or home computer in on the action, then this is a simple, inexpensive solution. It’s a very small IrDA adapter that you plug into your USB port for easy data transfer between your PDA, phone, or camera and your laptop. When I say small I mean so small you will hardly notice it, and it won’t get in the way.

It’s about the size of a penny and is completely self contained and is plug and play, so you just plug it in and you are in business. Transmission range is about 1 meter and a radius of 35 degrees.

If it seems like something you need you aren’t going to go broke getting one. The USB IrDA adapter is available now for just $17.