PBJ jumps on UMPC bandwagon: Smart Caddie

PBJ jumps on UMPC bandwagon: Smart Caddie


Now that the Microsoft Origami project is out of the bag and into the open, it seems like these ultra-mobile PCs are popping up everywhere. It’s as if they all knew all along. Well PBJ is set to release this Japanese version of the UMPC, dubbed the Smart Caddie.

PBJ’s – no, not peanut butter and jelly – take on the ultra mobile PC may take on the look from heavy hitters like Sony and Samsung, but based on the very little we know about this thing, it doesn’t seem to be up to snuff. Sure, it measures 228 x 146 25.1 mm, weighs mere 860 grams (1.9 pounds) and has a 800 x 480 touchscreen display, but, come on, it’s only got a VIA C7M 1GHz CPU?

Based on the picture provided, it seems the OS is in Japanese, and most likely the PBJ Smart Caddie UMPC will be a Japan-only release. At least, for now.