Monitor your home alarm from a PDA

Monitor your home alarm from a PDA


If you are concerned enough about the safety of your home to have an alarm system installed, you would probably feel better if you could manage it easily when you are not home. has launched a service that will make it easier.

The Monitor Alarm System lets you monitor your alarm through their website using a WiFi enabled phone or PDA. You can see your current alarm status, you can even control the lights from the palm of your hand.

You can turn your alarm on or off from afar. You can even be warned of problems like power outages and triggered alarms via e-mail or text message. Of course, I don’t know exactly what you are supposed to do about it if you are hundreds of miles from home and you find out that the alarm has gone off, but then I don’t have a home alarm, nor do I have anything worth stealing, so I’m not the target market, anyway.