First ever USB WiMAX adapter

First ever USB WiMAX adapter


It looks like some sort of set of USB Mickey Mouse ears, but it’s actually the first WiMAX USB adapter.

WiMAX is making a push for wide use, this adapter lets you easily receive WiMAX on your laptop when you’re on the go. The device by Airwave is called the 16eUSB and is compatible with both the IEEE standard 802.16e-2005 and the WiMAX Forum standard, Mobile WiMAX System Profile. Since it supports all WiMAX bands, it will allow mobile users to achieve data speeds that were never before possible, and access them anywhere in the world that WiMAX is available. The 16eUSB will support everything that is possible with the profile. That means multiple-input multiple output, or MIMO, beam-forming smart antennas, idle and sleep modes and Handover.

Paul Senior, Airspan’s Vice President of Marketing and Product Management, gives us his take on what it all means: “Operators combining the 16eUSB with a high performance, mobile-enhanced base station like HiperMAX will deliver a completely new broadband wireless experience for their users. When MIMO and Beam-forming antennas are used with a device such as the 16eUSB that properly supports the full Mobile WiMAX specification, users’ experiences are elevated to a new level. Always-on, any-place access to the internet will change the way in which people work, relax and play”.