DNET’s phone looks like an iPod Mini

DNET’s phone looks like an iPod Mini


In furthering the stereotype that anything made in China is either of very cheap quality or a rip-off of someone else’s design, DNET has done it again. We heard yesterday about the company’s rendition of the Motorola SLVR, but now DNET is reaching into the past and creating a mobile phone that looks just like the iPod Mini.

Currently on display at CeBIT in Hanover, Germany, the DNET DM751 abandons the typical three-by-four orientation keypad in favour of a circular design. This creates an even more retro vortex look, reminding me (personally) of a rotary phone – yes, those old things.

In a way, the DNET DM751 music phone looks more like an MP3 player than it does a cell phone, and maybe that’s what the company was trying to achieve. There are even dedicated music buttons found on the face of the handset. DNET hasn’t released any technical specs on this thing (storage, expansion, format support, etc.), nor have they mentioned pricing or availability.