Sony MSVR-A10 Memory Stick reader and recorder

Sony MSVR-A10 Memory Stick reader and recorder


Sony has shown that they want you to find your PSP completely indispensable. They keep adding new functionality and applications so that you never have to put it down. Video is obviously a huge battlefield for the PSP and every other portable device with a color screen. Their latest attempt to please video lovers is the MSVR-A10 Memory Sticker reader and recorder. It will record MPEG-4/H.264 video right onto your Memory Stick. You can get four hours of video onto your 1GB Memory Stick.

As everyone, including Sony, is scrambling to find ways to sell you content for your player, Sony is realizing that many people actually want to be able to add their own content. By making that easier for their users, Sony is hoping to build a bigger following, especially as they prepare the launch of the next generation PSP.

The MSVR-A10 will cost about $215 when it is available. The Neuros Recorder II is a cheaper option that can do the same thing and more, but it doesn’t have the shiny Sony logo on it.