Solar-powered MP3 player

Solar-powered MP3 player


Battery life on MP3 players has plagued many of us for quite some time now. When you want the best of both worlds – hard-drive based players for their storage capacity, and flash memory-based players for their better battery life – it’s hard to find a solution that can fit the bill. Well, MSI has taken its 4GB Mega Player 540 and thrown a solar panel on its backside, allowing not only you to soak in the rays when you’re at the beach, but recharge your audio player while you’re at it.

It certainly sounds like an interesting idea, being able to recharge the on-board lithium-ion battery while on the go and not needing to find a power outlet, but if it’s a little hot out there, I can only foresee problems. For one, the prolonged exposure to intense heat might start to melt the outer plastic, would it not? Or at least “soften” it, right? And let’s not even begin to wonder what would happen to the overheating electronics beneath its skin. Yes, skin cancer for your MP3 player.

You’ll have to wait until the end of the year before you can get your hands on the solar-powered MSI Mega Player 540 and “the never stop nature bright, the never end nature power!”