Samsung SPH-B5200 – the phone for TV-loving gamers

Samsung SPH-B5200 – the phone for TV-loving gamers


The Samsung SPH-B5200 will be so nice for watching DMB TV and playing video games in style that you might even forget about your PSP.

Ok maybe it won’t replace the large PSP screen, but the phone has a 2 inch QVGA display that will keep you entertained whether you want to watch it in portrait or landscape view. When it is in portrait you can slide down a number pad to make your calls and a directional controller that will let you choose your shows. When you turn it to landscape you can slide out two four-way controllers for all your gaming needs. And not just games, but 3D games. It has an MP3 player, too, in case you don’t want to watch or play. There is no word yet on how much memory it has, but I would hope it would be quite a bit so you can take advantage of the features.

The SPH-B5200 will, of course, only be available in Korea. If you want one, you can either move or hope that some company over here brings it over for us. Hello, Helio?