Powerful Bluetooth speakers from Parrot

Powerful Bluetooth speakers from Parrot


So, you’ve loaded up your favourite music phone with tons and tons of top 40 hits, but you have little option but to listen to them on some dinky little headphones. What can you do to share the tunes when you’re talking about hosting a cocktail party – cough, house party, cough – at your home.

Well, Parrot has come with a solution that can communicate with your musicphone or any other Bluetooth-enabled audio player, streaming the tunes wirelessly to a pair of 60 watt speakers. Although these seem clearly designed with mobile phones in mind, they do make use of the standard glossy white that I’m pretty sure we’ve seen somewhere else before.

The Parrot Bluetooth Sound System is perfect for your living room, features EDR for up to 3Mbps of throughput, and supports A2DP and AVRCP. Because these are Bluetooth 2.0, however, you can’t be more than 10 meters away from the receiver. They’ve also included standard RCA inputs if you want to use these speakers for more traditional purposes as well.

Look for the Parrot Bluetooth Sound System to rock the party in Q3, priced at $425 a set. For that price, you might as well get a matching set of the company’s Bluetooth digital picture frames, also announced at CeBIT, available in leather, wood and shagadelic animal prints.