Plug and play into world’s first HSDPA wireless router

Plug and play into world’s first HSDPA wireless router


You may think that many of the latest gadgetry and wireless innovation comes from Korea or Japan, but it seems that TOPEX of Romania is the first company to develop a HSDPA wireless broadband router.

Not only can you make use of the device – unveiled at CeBIT – for your high-speed data needs, but the router can also serve as a voice-call terminal, a Wi-Fi access point, VPN router “with powerful firewall”, LAN server, and even a video surveillance server. Best of all, it is completely plug-and-play.

You want high-speed data, you’ve got it. TOPEX is jumping all over nearly every acronym out there, because they already take care of GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, CDMA 1x, EV-DO and now HSDPA standards.

Although you could set this up in your home, the company is targeting its new wireless router at small and medium enterprises, including those looking to provide Wi-Fi hotspots – airports, coffee shops, and the like.