LG’s USB drive connects to cell phone

LG’s USB drive connects to cell phone


USB thumb drives are a dime a dozen these days, so every manufacturer wants to put out something that makes them unique, better than the literal Parthenon of options of there. We’ve seen some strange designs that sport basic functionality and basic designs that sport strange functionality, and this latest flash drive from LG falls somewhere in the middle.

The LG UBNM 1GS01 has a 1 gigabyte storage capacity, but more notably, has an extra connector on the other end that connects to your cell phone, allowing you to do your synchonizing and charging through this thing as well.

Mobile phones, for the most part, still make use of propriety connections, so, of course, this device will not work with all manufacturers. We do know that they them ready to support Nokia and Sony Ericsson made cell phones, but strangely, they’ve made no mention of connecting to LG handsets. No word on pricing or shipping dates.