Bombardier Embrio – a cool concept is back

Bombardier Embrio – a cool concept is back


The Bombardier Embrio is a transportation concept that originally popped up in 2003, got a lot of coverage at the time and then disappeared from the public consciousness. The fact that it is popping up again might mean nothing, or it might mean we will see it, or something like it.

It’s essentially a motorized unicycle in the vein of the Segway. It uses the same gyroscope technology to keep it upright and rolling, though it does have a second wheel that comes into use when you are going less than 12 mph so you don’t fall flat on your face.

When Bombardier, the Canadian company famous for making snowmobiles and airplanes, conceived of the Embrio they didn’t hold back. It has active suspension to keep your ride smooth. The best trick, though, is a hydrogen fuel cell motor to keep you green as you look cool riding around. The whole thing only weighs 360 pounds, so it is semi-portable.

The last time we heard about the Embrio, nothing came of it. It probably won’t this time, either, but it sure would be fun to have one of those in your parking space.