A cell phone designed just for Grandma

A cell phone designed just for Grandma


While all your young whipper-snappers might be looking at phones with multi-megapixel cameras, mobile television functionality, and incredibly shrinking form factors, those of the more mature set don’t need all those bells and whistles. They would typically want a handset that is easy to see, easy to use, and whose primary function is still making phone calls, rather than playing games and listening to tunes.

The Emporia EmporiaLife handset is just that. They’ve kept the functions to a minimum, the monochrome LCD easy to read, and the default screen is even the built-in phonebook, so that there is no need to get lost in a menu to call your grandson. There’s a large red panic button the back of this slim slider for emergency situations, and the phone is typically used in its closed position. If the 200 hours of standby and 180 minutes of talk time aren’t enough, you can even shove in AA batteries for some extra juice.

You won’t find Bluetooth, Java, or email here, but Grandma can still send text messages via SMS. No word on pricing or availability, but they have started manufacturing units this month, ready to be branded by a service carrier.