Siemens cordless phone features encryption


    You can walk around the house or the office and know that your conversation is secure. Siemens has introduced an encrypted cordless phone with a rather hefty price tag, although if you absolutely have to make sure you’re not overheard, this could be the way to go.

    The gigaset SL74X is an expanded version of the existing Gigaset SL74 cordless handset, which also happens to be a cameraphone. (Word on whether you can take pictures with the phone and send them to your friends or business associates via encrypted email isn’t known.)

    As with such things, however, you will pay a price for your convenience. That AES-CBC 128-bit encryption boosts not only your conversation privacy but also the item’s price. Your friendly phone dealer will part with the Gigaset SL74X as long as you’re willing to part with US$2,000. (BTW, there is a bit of a price break: If you order two, you will pay only US$3,600.)