Open the hood, insert Centrino

Open the hood, insert Centrino


Word out of CeBIT is that Intel and Harman/Becker have entered a transatlantic cooperative agreement to bring Centrino technology to vehicle entertainment devices. The powerful chips will power all sorts of features in your cars and trucks, including navigation, telematics, driver support, and audio and video playback.

The Centrino platform will be completely functional with the QNX real-time operating system, which will increase your driving experience in several ways.

First of all, the computerized systems that drive your car or truck will be integrated as never before, responding truly as if they are one system, running on a common server.

Secondly, even though you might not notice it right away, your vehicle electronics will be more responsive than ever before. That includes startup, radio station changing and saving, CD changing, and shutdown.

Thirdly, any third-party system software or devices that you might install (such as a GPS navigation device) will be more responsive, especially if it, too, runs on Centrino or QNX technology.

The final result will be a move toward integrating new technologies into the total driving experience, enhancing your enjoyment of not only your driving but also your methods of entertainment during those drives.