starting digital movie download service starting digital movie download service


Jeff Bezos must be jealous of the attention and success Steve Jobs is getting, because his company, Amazon, is looking to grab some of the market that Jobs and Apple are looking to dominate. According to the New York Times, Amazon is holding talks with three Hollywood studios. They’re goal is reportedly to develop a service that will allow customers to download movies and TV shows and burn them onto DVDs. The studios in question are supposedly Paramount Pictures, Universal Studios and Warner Brothers, so Amazon clearly isn’t aiming low with their new offering. This news comes on the heels of February reports that Amazon was negotiating with four major music labels to develop their own digital music service.

The timing for Amazon with the movie business is particularly key. Apple is apparently working hard to establish and build a movie section of their iTunes store in advance of the eventual arrival of a true video iPod. Amazon won’t want to start too late or they will be further behind Apple than they already are.