Alienware laptops to flaunt dual SLI graphics

Alienware laptops to flaunt dual SLI graphics


Alienware plans to shove dual core in their 17-inch ultra-powerful gaming systems. Now you can’t possibly expect exceptional battery life, but that’s the price you pay for the upper echelon of graphical prowess.

The company has now kicked it up another notch with the announcement that a future line of laptops will be sporting dual NVIDIA SLI GeForce graphics cards, sending your fps through the roof, delivering “up to twice the graphics performance of a single-GPU system.”

The laptops will be powered by an AMD Athlon64 CPU, for simultaneous 32- and 64-bit computing. With the needs of hardcore gamers in mind, Alienware will rock large widescreen LCDs, “outstanding image quality”, and digital surround sound.

While no prices or launch dates have been announced just yet, don’t expect these dual SLI notebooks to come cheap.