Wirelessly link your PC to stereo equipment and TVs

Wirelessly link your PC to stereo equipment and TVs


So, you have all this hot content sitting on your PC, but those dinky little speakers you have attached to your desktop aren’t exactly giving the music its proper due, and your miniscule 17″ LCD monitor is far from being the right way of watching the awesome streaming content off the internet. Well, AVM has developed the RadioFRITZ! and VideoFRITZ!, designed to wirelessly connect your stereo and TV to your PC.

You can quickly and easily stream all the digital content from your PC utilizing your WLAN connection, sending it to your high-end stereo equipment and huge plasma TV. There’s support for many outputs and codecs – including H.264 – so pretty well anything your computer is capable of playing can be played on a bigger screen and through bigger speakers. The Universal Plug & Play standard (UPnP-AV) certainly makes things easy too.

Not only can you take your existing content, but by utilizing the FRITZ!Box, you can even display (and listen to) Internet content as well, in addition to USB memory sticks and other storage devices.

Pricing and availability has not yet been announced.