Ultra-Mobile PC options expand to movies, TV

Ultra-Mobile PC options expand to movies, TV


The Ultra-Mobile PC just keeps getting more and more popular. Now, thanks to Movielink and Sling Media, you can watch movies and TV on-the-go.

Movielink, already a massive presence in the video-on-demand download service, has announced that it will offer its services to UMPC users. So, you can download your favorite movies (wirelessly, of course) and take them with you.

“Since the Internet has proven to be ideally suited for portability and a significant amount of Movielink’s downloads are already for portable use in notebooks, we believe the new UMPC platform will be a catalyst for portable video consumption,” said Sean Besser, Director of Business Development for Movielink.

Movielink offers thousands of movies for download via broadband connections, with users able to store those movies for up to 30 days. Prices range from US$1.99 to US$4.99

On the TV side, Sling Media has come out with a UMPC-customized version of SlingPlayer, an application that allows users to control their home television viewing, including satellite receivers, DVD players, and digital video recorders—all through the use of their Ultra Mobile PCs.

“Ultra-Mobile PCs give consumers one more way to take their TV with them wherever they go, and Sling Media is helping more of our customers experience the freedom and flexibility this device offers,” said Bill Mitchell, vice president of the Mobile Platforms Division at Microsoft Corp.

The result is that you can watch TV without being anywhere near your TV. It’s as if you’re there when you’re really not.