Samsung digital picture frame shows movies, plays music

Samsung digital picture frame shows movies, plays music


Why would you want to have a regular printed photo frame sitting on your mantelpiece, when you can just as easily have a digital picture frame that only requires a couple clicks of the mouse to update its image. Then again, why settle on a static image when you can be showing off a full-motion video? That’s the thinking behind the latest 7-inch digital picture frame from Samsung.

The display is a more than adequate 800 x 400 pixels, and storage comes in the way of 32 MB on-board. If that’s not enough for you, you can just as easily expand its memory via its available slots for Secure Digital and Compact Flash cards, as well as USB mass storage devices. Although it does have built-in Ethernet for network access, Samsung’s digital picture frame lacks Wi-Fi.

Not only can you display digital stills (JPEG), you can also play your favorite videos (MPEG-4) and music (MP3). No word on pricing, but it seems Samsung will be releasing the frame in its home Korea — as per usual — before sending it out worldwide.