Pharos updates GPS device for Ultra-Mobile users

Pharos updates GPS device for Ultra-Mobile users


Pharos continues to be a beacon for curious travelers. The GPS specialist has caught up to the Ultra-Mobile PC devices with the new Pharos iGPS-500. Now, more than ever, GPS is in the palm of your hand.

This nifty handheld device sports complete compatibility with the Microsoft suite of directions software, including Streets & Trips, AutoRoute, and MapPoint. You can also connect to other mobile devices via USB, Bluetooth, CompactFlash, PCMCIA, SIDO or plain old serial ports.

So light and effortless to use, this device is sure to be a hit with those on the go, for business or otherwise.

“Every business traveler has a unique set of preferences when they take technology on the road,” said Andy Wang, Vice President at Pharos. “We have developed advanced GPS solutions for every form factor so mobile professionals can enjoy precise location and navigation assistance on the hardware that suits their needs.”

The iGPS-500 will be available in April. Prices will be US$99 (USB version) or US$199 (Bluetooth).