iPod takes a steamy shower

iPod takes a steamy shower


Here’s something you don’t see every day: another iPod accessory. Okay, maybe not, but this is at least a little different from the standard fare you find to accompany everyone’s favorite glossy white music player. The MP3 Shower Radio lets you take your audio player with you into the bathroom and have the tunes jamming on, to practice your singing in the shower of course.

Despite its seamless compatibility with the Apple iPod, the product page says that it can take on any MP3 player, so those of you with Creative, iRiver, MPIO, or whatever other players, can pick one up too. If you’re wondering about the guy in the picture, no, the MP3 Shower Radio will not magically transform your non-video iPod into a movie player. Rather, that is a fog-free mirror, so you can, er, check yourself out. Flex those muscles.

The 4 AA battery-powered, water-resistant (obviously) MP3 Shower Radio is available now for $29.95. And yes, as its name implies, it also pulls double-duty as an AM/FM radio.