GPS device improves pilots’ navigation

GPS device improves pilots’ navigation


A new product from Garmin gives pilots impressive tools for navigating.

Garmin, an Olathe, Kan., manufacturer of top-notch GPS and navigation products, is showing off the GMX 200, a device that has a wide-ranging multi-function display and a larger interface (by 20 percent) than ever before. In addition, the advanced backlighting protocols improve visibility in the lowest of light conditions.

Perhaps the most exciting new feature is the split-screen functions, which allows the pilot to view two charting options side-by-side while also tracking the flight pattern’s vertical profile.

As with the predecessor MX20, the GMX 200 shows weather, obstructions, airways, restricted airspace, and an aircraft’s position relative to terrain. You can also use the new rotary knob to more quickly change maps or enter data. And, taking advantage of cutting-edge technology, the GMX 200 includes a front-loading SD card slot, so you can upload navigation charts in the blink of an eye. Sorry, no MP3 support in this one, pilots just aren’t allowed to have fun.

The GMX 200 comes in three versions: Standard, Traffic, and Radar/Traffic. Each has various specialties, and they will all be available this summer. Pricing is expected to start at US$8,995.