VoIP coming to Palm OS

VoIP coming to Palm OS


VoIP will soon be a reality for the Palm OS.

The MantraGroup is conducting a closed beta trial of the service, with results and full services to be announced in the next several weeks. The official name of the service will be MobiVoIP.

The traditional use of VoIP is the use of a wired or wireless computer to make telephone calls. MobiVoIP takes that one step further by making that wireless phone call possible using a Palm device.

According to preliminary reports, the service will have caller ID, noise suppression, secure account authentication, bandwidth test, and automatic IP resolution. Internet connection options are Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and EVDO.

We know the name. We know what it does. What we don’t know yet is how much it will cost. Pricing will no doubt be released when the official product is released.