Point-to-point live streaming to smartphones by StreamerNet

Point-to-point live streaming to smartphones by StreamerNet


It’s one thing to be able to access the mobile TV services we’ve all been hearing about, but it’s something different altogether to get live streaming from any computer to your smartphone. The Device-in-Hand streaming from StreamerNet does just that, by hooking up a video camera (ie: webcam) to any computer connected to the internet. The audio and video feed can then be sent directly, through the web presumably, to a Windows Mobile-powered device.

The technology is being demonstrated at the FOSE government technology conference this week, and a number of applications immediately come to mind. For example, a security guard may no longer be bound to his desk to be able to watch all the camera feeds in the building; he simply needs to carry around a smartphone, and cycle through the cameras as he needs to.

The StreamerNet 2.0 technology has also been reported to webcast live action events, host distributed videos in a private OnDemand Media Room, send local TV to any desktop, and even convert old VHS tapes (does anyone still use these?) to the web.