TuneView remote lets you see whats on your iPod

TuneView remote lets you see whats on your iPod


Writing about iPod accessories is an occupational hazard these days, but at least the TuneView isn’t a docking station, protective cover or piece of clothing with a pocket in it. Well, it does have a dock, but it is more than that at least.

When your iPod is in the TuneView dock, 2-way RF connectivity and an LCD screen on the TuneView remote let you see what is on your iPod without looking at your iPod. You can sort through songs and playlists just like you could if you were holding your iPod. No more blindly guessing or having to be content with just volume controls on an iPod remote. But wait, there’s more. You can also use the remote, along with the TuneView USB adapter, to monitor and control iTunes as it runs on your PC or Mac. You’ll never need to get off the couch again.

Keyspan, the makers of the TuneView, are showing it off this week at CeBIt. The remote ($99) and the dock ($79) will be on sale in May. The USB adapter will cost $39 when it hits shelves in the summer.