TiVo brings DVR programming to mobile phones

TiVo brings DVR programming to mobile phones


How to make your product stand out from the competition? Offer something they don’t.

That is exactly what TiVo has done, with the introduction of TiVo Mobile, a partnership with Verizon Wireless that will allow TiVo customers to program their Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) using mobile phones.

Specifically, a TiVo subscriber can log in to his or her TV offerings using a mobile phone and then simulate programming options without being anywhere near the DVR.

You TiVo subscribers out there already know that you can access your DVR via the World Wide Web, but the TiVo Mobile venture eliminates the need for a computer or wireless web device and places your programming options squarely in the SIM card of your mobile phone.

One also wonders whether it’s the first step on a journey toward mobile TV for the folks at TiVo, who constantly worry about losing their market share and are always looking for ways to set themselves apart.