Three more Digital ELPHs from Canon

Three more Digital ELPHs from Canon


For me, the Canon brand has always meant a compact size, good image quality, and an intuitive interface. These three latest 6-megapixel additions to the Digital ELPH line keep the good thing going: Powershot SD600, SD630, and SD700 IS.

The Powershot SD600 is the least expensive of the three, with an entry-level 3x optical zoom and 2.5-inch screen. Look for its launch either this month or next, with a price of around $349.

The Powershot SD630 takes the standard features found on the SD600, but bumps up the screen to a huge 3-inch LCD, filling up nearly all of the camera’s back. As a result, there is no optical viewfinder. This black and silver shooter will hit shelves in April for $399.

The Powershot SD700 is the top of the line. In addition to a 4x optical zoom lens, 2.5-inch LCD and optical viewfinder, this camera sports some incredible optical image stabilization (hence, the IS). You can drop $499 for this puppy next month.