Nyko iPod speaker dock takes all generations

Nyko iPod speaker dock takes all generations


Yes, this is exactly what we need. There is already a literal Parthenon of iPod speaker docks on the market these days, including Apple’s own Hi-Fi version, but that didn’t stop Nyko Technologies from jumping into what must be an incredibly lucrative market.

The company’s Speaker Dock 2T for the iPod can take on all generations of the player thanks to interchangeable adapters. The line-in cable will also allow for connection to other DAPs and whatnot.

The dock and BDD ProT stereo speakers come as a single integrated half-ball of a unit. Its footprint is a mere 5 inches, so this thing is pretty tiny. That said, because of its size, don’t expect any ground-shaking bass, but you should be able to get some decent sound quality.

Power comes in the way of AA batteries (yet another indication of not too much “thump”), or an AC adapter. You can also charge your iPod while it is in the dock, playing away.

Shipping now, the Nyko Speaker Dock 2T for the iPod is selling for $99.99.