Grundig X5000 phone swivels, has 6 megapixels

Grundig X5000 phone swivels, has 6 megapixels


It’s a little disheartening to hear about all these new cell phones these days coming out with multi-megapixel cameras, and then finding out that they will likely never find their way (officially) to North American shores. Then again, I still want to know about them.

Here’s yet another example, except it’s not a Korean or Japanese company doing it to us – it’s Spain: The X5000 from Grundig Mobile sports an incredible 6-megapixel shooter, rivalling most “standalone” point-and-shoot cameras available on the market.

You’ll find a 16.7 million color, 640 x 240 pixel screen which can rotate around for your viewing pleasure, as well as an external display for caller ID purposes and whatnot.

In addition to taking stills and videos, this GSM/GPRS handset will pump out the tunes thanks to its integrated MP3 playback capabilities. Expansion comes in the way of a MiniSD card, and you can even shoot out your movies onto a bigger screen with the TV-out.