Google said to be planning “infinite storage” service

Google said to be planning “infinite storage” service


Your hard drive is fried. You’ve lost all sorts of vital information. But if a rumor about Google is true, you haven’t necessarily forfeited all of your Gmail.

GDrive is purported to be a new project for the search engine giant, a massive mirror drive that would house copies of all data created by all users of Google’s online services, including mail, storage, bookmarks, etc.

It would be an upgrade to what Google already offers, which is storage of text generated by Google users (like email and bookmarks and web history). But storing copies of images, videos, MP3s, and other kinds of multimedia files requires a whole lot more online storage space.

Still, that’s what Google seems to be planning, at least according to an observant blogger who saw something unintended for mass perusal. A slideshow presentation published on Google’s own site for a short period of time referred to “infinite storage” and the desire to “store 100 percent” of users’ information. That slideshow is no longer on the site, but Google officials haven’t exactly denied the ideas seen in it.

Have any privacy concerns with this? Google apparently doesn’t. They already have copies of all of your Gmail. Now, they can have copies of all of your music and movies, too.

Google has tons of users. Perhaps the amount of bytes needed to store all of that user data will be measured in the future by units equal to the name of the company.