Find Fido with Global Pet Finder GPS

Find Fido with Global Pet Finder GPS


No one can possibly put a price on your pooch, but they can put a price on a gadget that will tell you if Fido has run away from home. The not exactly discrete Global Pet Finder is a GPS device that attaches to your dog’s collar, so you can have nearly real-time data about his/her position at any given time.

After ordering the device and latching it onto your dog, you can hop onto the company’s website to define a “safe area”. If Spot decides to wander outside of this space, it will immediately send an alert to your cell phone or computer. Updated coordinates will continually be sent, until I guess the find the poor lost dog.

This sounds an awful lot like the PetsCell by PetsMobility, which is also a GPS device, but it adds speakerphone functionality, allowing you to give Fido some instructions, I guess. No price for the PetsMobility device, though they say that it is set to be launched in “early 2006”.

The Global Pet Finder is $349, and then the monthly subscription is $17.99-$19.98.