VK heading into CeBIT with 17 handsets

VK heading into CeBIT with 17 handsets


The CeBIT show is an excellent opportunity for lesser known companies to make their presence known in the world market. VK is heading to Hanover, Germany with a big bag of tricks – 17 handsets in all, including super slim designs, EV-DO technology, music playing capabilities, and multi-megapixel cameras.

Among the highlights of the company’s offerings are the VK 2000, the 8.8 mm super slim candybar that won the Red Dot Design Award; the VK 5000, which transfers data three times faster than GPRS thanks to its “2.75 generation” EDGE capabilities; the 12mm thick VK 2200 slim phone with a 4MP camera, MP3 playback; and the EV-DO-ready VK700C, which can reportedly send and receive data at 2.4 Mbps.

The company plans on organizing its booth around five “sectors”, with an overhanging theme of “Dynamic VK”, suggesting the company’s growth in the world economy. These five zones have been designated as slim, music, stylish, innovative, and global.