Mobile phones cutting into in-car radio listening

Mobile phones cutting into in-car radio listening


They can’t talk their way out of this one.

Radio commentators are steadily losing audiences in cars and other vehicles. A recent study conducted by Bridge Ratings showed that commuters listened to the radio 6 minutes shorter now than they did three years ago.

In 2003, people listened for 32 minutes to radio programs a day. For the current year though, commuters devoted only 26 minutes of their time to radio stations. The survey involved people who talk on their mobile phones and spend an hour or more driving.

The study also revealed an increase in talk time for those who use their cell phones inside the car. In 2003, a commuter only spent an average of 10.45 minutes a day on the phone. Today, 13.49 minutes a day is spent on the phone while in the car.

One interesting fact that came out from the study is that people spend more time talking to somebody on their mobile phone while they’re in a car rather than outside of it. The average duration of a call inside a vehicle is 4 minutes and 21 seconds. On the other hand, all other mobile phone calls last 3 minutes and 15 seconds on the average.

These trends have been attributed to the fact that commuters are usually doing nothing while inside their car.