Laptops to show a little Skyn

Laptops to show a little Skyn


From iPods to cell phones, everything and anything electronic is all about customization these days. Sure, you can pick up your standard issue silver, white, or black notebook, but if you really want to express yourself, you might want to consider picking up some covers from Skyn Mobile.

The company doesn’t seem to be offering much for the male of the species, unless you’re going for the popular “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” look. There $40 floral prints in the Eva Collection are probably going to be the most popular, being offered in pink, blue and purple varieties. For the slightly less adventurous, there is also a selection of uber-bright solid colored covers for $35 each: Lilac, Pretty Pink, Lime Green, and Ocean Blue. For some bling, you can opt for the Swarovski crystal monogram; that’ll be $40.

The Skyn laptop covers are glossy, attach with an adhesive, and are reusable. Check out the source link to pick one up.