BenQ Siemens E61 music phone is Hermes B

BenQ Siemens E61 music phone is Hermes B


Personally, I kind of like mythological names, or just actual words in general, for most of my products, be them cell phones or automobiles, but a heavy trend in both industries is to replace names with a letter or two, paired with some number. In keeping with this norm, BenQ Siemens has decided to rename its Hermes B to a less than fantastic E61, not to be confused with Nokia’s powerful smartphone.

The E61 is a pretty basic entry-level phone, so it’s a little surprising that the cell phone manufacturer is staying pretty hush-hush about it. What we do know is that this candybar handset comes with innovative external music controls on the top for easy access while it sits in your pocket. As well, you’ll find a yawn-worthy VGA camera and a miniSD expansion slot.

Expect the BenQ Siemens E61 to hit the streets of Taiwan near the end of this month or early next month, with wider release possibly coming later.