EarthPulse’s electromagnetic sleep machine

EarthPulse’s electromagnetic sleep machine


I don’t know about you, but allowing a gadget to manipulate my brain waves is just a bit too close to technology then I would feel comfortable with. With that said, EarthPulse brings to market the EarthPulse Sleep On Command. This device is a control disk that sits under your mattress and emits sequenced electromagnetic waves that aim to guide a person to deep sleep. With constant use, EarthPulse states that the device will help restore the body’s natural sleep rhythm.

Seen as a great product for stressed-out people, insomniacs and travellers who suffer constantly from jet lag, Sleep on Command is marketed by EarthPulse as the “world’s first electromagnetic sleep machine”. Just place the disk under your mattress and a weak, frequency specific, electromagnetic field will engulf your body and lull you to sleep.

So how does it work? According to product developer Paul Brecker the “EarthPulse creates a protective-recuperative ‘cocoon’ around the body at night blocking out man made electromagnetic pollution. EarthPulse ‘tunes’ consciousness toward deep sleep that subsequently helps turn on the body’s natural healing mechanisms. Deep sleep in the EarthPulsefield triggers enhanced strength and stamina, better mental focus and improved flexibility.”

Sleep On Command is available for US $499 and the firm is offering a 90-day money back guarantee. You may never wake up to claim it.