China gets 3G TD-SCDMA Video Phone from Samsung

China gets 3G TD-SCDMA Video Phone from Samsung


The Samsung video phone we heard about last August for the Chinese market is getting that much closer to fruition, and its details keep getting juicier. China recently developed a TD-SCDMA network for ultra-high speed data transfers, and this 3G Samsung handset will be the first to make use of it.

Sure, many may consider China simply an emerging market, much like India, where the majority of the business will be made on the lower, entry-level end of things, but there is likely a huge demand in the larger metropolitan areas for more high-tech gizmos, given their greater affluence, expendable income, and education. This release is the result of a partnership between Royal Philips Electronics, Samsung, and T3G.

China’s Vice Premier, Huang Ju, has already “experienced” the Samsung video phone, which should be widely available to the public when operator licences are granted. This would likely be sometime in the second quarter. With 50 million new subscribers per year, China is truly a booming market for those in the cell phone business. And with the addition of TD-SCDMA, things can only grow faster.