T-DMB superior to DVB-H

T-DMB superior to DVB-H


If you’re a DVB-H enthusiast, keep in mind that I am but a messenger. That said, the battles over mobile TV supremacy are certainly heating up, with the market growing like there’s no tomorrow. Every standard is trying to sell itself as better than the others, and now it seems that at a keynote speech in Seoul, a Ministry official cited six reasons by T-DMB is better than DVB-H for mobile digital TV.

Jae Hong Lee is the Director General of the Korean Ministry of Information and Communications, and he says that:

  1. T-DMB has a lower channel switching time (1.5 seconds, compared to 5 seconds on DVB-H)
  2. No latency through time-slicing
  3. Framerate is better, with T-DMB doing 30fps, whereas DVB-H is 15fps
  4. T-DMB is not just IP-based, but also has streaming services
  5. The 2Mhz channel used by T-DMB is more efficient than the 8Mhz DVB-H
  6. T-DMB can provide DAB audio at minimum additional cost

In an effort to avoid sounding one sided, I4U has an open request for readers to send in why they think DVB-H may be better than T-DMB. Balance, after all, is the key to everything.