RTX wireless SIP phone browses web

RTX wireless SIP phone browses web


It’s one thing trying to check your email on a Blackberry, or quickly looking up a tidbit of information off the internet to be read on your smartphone, but it’s quite another when you’re at home and have quick and easy access to a PC, yet you insist on surfing the web on a wireless phone.

Well, it seems like that’s what RTX of Denmark has done with its LAN Cordless DualPhone, a SIP-compatible DECT unit that lets you peruse the information superhighway (I bet you haven’t heard that term for a while) on its tiny 128 x 128 color screen, using your VoIP connection. You can wander a reasonable distance away from the base station – 300 metres – before it ceases to work, meaning you might be able to check your email from the park across the street.

It has enough memory to store 200 phonebook entries, and the battery will last you about eight hours of talk time. No word on pricing or availability, but it seems that RTX is targeting the LAN Cordless DualPhone at the European VoIP market.