Dual SIM card adapter makes it easy

Dual SIM card adapter makes it easy


What do you do when you want to carry around only one handset, but sport a pair of SIM identities at the same time? Sure, you can get one of those kits available on the ‘net that require you to hack up your existing cards, or turn off the phone before you can hop onto the other account. But why would you want to do that when you can grab the Dual SIM Card Adapter from Mobile Brando?

The name isn’t exactly the most creative thing to hit the market, but the device certainly makes the process of doing the dual-SIM dance a heck of a lot easier. It will take full-sized cards, and rather makes use of innovative software to switch between your SIMs. Unfortunately, you’ll have this strange thing dangling off your phone, apparently, unless you can manage to squeeze it behind the battery.

But hey, with the price set at a mere $27 through Brando, you can’t really find a much better solution or a much better deal than the Dual SIM Card Adapter.