4 Hynix executives plead guilty to price-fixing

4 Hynix executives plead guilty to price-fixing


As the result of a price-fixing investigation, four high-ranking officers of South Korea’s memory chip supplier Hynix Semiconductor will serve time in an American prison, it was announced in San Francisco on Thursday.

D.S. Kim, C.K. Chung, K.C. Suh, and C.Y. Choi—all directors or managers of major departments—will serve from five to eight months in prison and pay fines of $250,000 each as a result of pleading guilty to fixing the price of dynamic random-access memory chips during a three-year period from 1999 to 2000. The company had previously paid a fine of US$185 million last year.

Four Infineon executives also pled guilty to the price-fixing charges and paid similar fines in 2004. Those executives served from four to six months in prison, and the company paid a file of US$160 million. Officials at Samsung and Elpida Memory are also under investigation.