Tom Tom navigators link to your iPod

Tom Tom navigators link to your iPod


So maybe the Tom Tom band doesn’t really exist, but that still wont stop them from releasing a groovey navigation solution for your iPod.

The expansions of the Dutch company’s award-winning GO series of portable navigation devices include three new models: the GO 510, GO 710 (Europe only model), and GO 910. Each has a 4-inch LCD touch screen, a cutting-edge design, road condition updates, and a suite of software including TomTom HOME, which allows connection to a PC. In addition, the GO 910 features an MP3 player with 20GB of MP3 storage, SD expansion and coverage of the U.S., Canada, and all of Europe.

The GO 510 only has SD expandability with no internal storage for music, but the good thing is both of these units can link and control your iPod, even display the song information on screen. The 910 can even download the MP3 files from your iPod, uhoh.

“The product range we unveil today is the next generation TomTom GO, featuring significant improvements in design and usability, including hardware, software, connectivity and new content & services,” said Tom Tom CEO Harold Goddijn.

The Tom Tom WORK solution involves a series of devices and software that integrate to help businesses keep track of fleet vehicle positions via GPS and two-way communication.

With the growing focus on using GPS technology for business use, Tom Tom is poised to meet demand with supply.

Specifically, WEBFLEET is a web-based service that allows businesses to determine their drivers’ exact locations at any time, via LINK units that are integrated into vehicles. The company’s GO devices are part of this offering as well.

All devices and solutions will be available by the end of the month. Pricing will vary.