Timeflex is sticky, rollable watch

Timeflex is sticky, rollable watch


Now you can literally have time on your hands, because Timeflex is an ultra-flexible, self-gumming watch that you can stick just about anywhere. It seems to work much like a transparent band-aid except this thing will keep track of the time for you, and keep on ticking, as it were, through ultra small batteries that are invisible to the naked eye.

To set the time and make other changes, you can access the menu through its incredibly thin touchscreen technology. When you don’t need to use it anymore, simply peel it off, roll it up, and forget about it.

The website says that this device would be perfect for “where man uses working clothe”, citing such situations as snowboarding, working in a laboratory, and even swimming – this seems to indicate, to me at least, that Timeflex is waterproof.

This is a fantastic concept, but sadly at the moment, is simply a concept. Let’s hope this thing materializes at a shopping center near you (or me).