Mystery surronds ‘Crossover’ PC-to-PDA virus

Mystery surronds ‘Crossover’ PC-to-PDA virus


There is an odd mystery surrounding a reported virus that can pass between PCs and PDAs. It is supposed to affect Microsoft devices, but Microsoft has not heard any customer complaints about the virus. The Mobile Antivirus Researchers Association reportedly received the code for the virus, named ‘Crossover’, anonymously.

Where this really gets strange is that MARA has not yet shared the code sample with antivirus companies. Typically, antivirus vendors share code amongst themselves in order to create solutions, but MARA has not been forthcoming with this code. Since Microsoft has no reports and no one outside of MARA has seen the code, there is only the word of MARA that this virus exists.

If the code exists it would be a proof-of-concept – a virus code that has not yet been unleashed but that shows the existence of a vulnerability. Vendors say that they could have their software updated to protect the code in a couple of hours, but only if they are allowed to see it.